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Sustainability Vision

Hofa's sustainability strategy is based on our shared commitment to Indutrade, centering on continuously developing and improving ways of working that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

Indutrade has a strategic framework that summarizes our areas of focus for sustainable development. This framework is based on an interest analysis in which we have identified key sustainability issues based on their impact and stakeholder expectations. We focus on overarching goals in the areas of People , Environment and Profitable Growth and have defined associated targets and KPIs for which we follow up at least once a year.

CSR objectives

Hofa and Indutrade AB have published their goals for 2030, outlining their commitment to employee engagement, sustainability and profitability. The first goal is to have 100% engaged employees by 2030 through continuous leadership and skill development, creating inclusive teams and workplaces, and providing safe and healthy working conditions. To maintain the right professional skills, companies will continue to invest in the development of their key people and the exchange of knowledge and experience with Indutrade. Attracting, developing and retaining the right employees will also be achieved by building teams with diversity to enhance the ability to develop and innovate.

The second goal is to become carbon neutral by 2030, reducing both direct emissions and emissions from energy use and offsetting non-preventable emissions by investing in projects that reduce the footprint. This goal will be achieved through improved energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, resource efficiency and business travel efficiency.

Contributing 100% to sustainable development

The third goal is to contribute 100% to sustainable profitable development by 2030 by improving added value through scale and supply chain optimization. By pursuing good knowledge of customer needs, combined with high professional competence, the companies aim to relieve a piece of the customer's business operations and provide solutions that reduce environmental impact. Indutrade also strives to develop and sell sustainable products to promote sustainable profitability. The indicators of sustainable profitability are customer satisfaction, solutions that improve customer operations and reduce environmental impacts, and new products that use less energy and/or have a lower carbon footprint.

Functie:medewerker csr
Salaris:onbekend – onbekend
Uren per week:1 – 40

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