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Bromelia Specialist in Moerkapelle

Welcome to the exciting world of Bromeliads

We are Bromelia Specialist, based in the Netherlands, and Bromeliads are what we live and breathe. Our experienced growers, keen order processors, and passionate sales team work hard to promote and bring these fascinating, flowering houseplants to the rest of the world.

As market leader, we are specialised in plant breeding, cultivating, product development, and assembly to create premium consumer products. Together with our service partners or direct-sourcing parties, we daily deliver all our Bromeliad varieties to garden centres, DIY stores, supermarkets, and wholesalers throughout Europe.

Tailored advice

Thanks to our many years of experience and knowledge of the plants and the market, we know exactly which and how Bromeliads are best suited for each country, retail format, and consumer. We love to translate our valuable expertise into the most effective and profitable proposals for our clients.

Green Rituals

Nature all the way. This natural style is for those who appreciate the little things. Sustainability, origins and a natural look are crucial. The interior of this conscious consumer includes many natural materials, calming colours and it is warm and cosy. Bromeliads with a unique inflorescence are very much appreciated by this consumer group. Materials such as terracotta, craft paper, glass and jute are indispensable in this collection. Nature has so much to offer! Why only enjoy it outside when you can also bring some of it inside?

Sweet Romance

This collection exudes romance! It is perfectly suited to thoughtful dreamy consumers who prefer style and atmosphere. Bromeliads with a most unique appearance, surrounded by soft pastel colours, immersed in love. Ceramics for daydreams. Romantic ribbons, wood, zinc and other beautiful materials. Flowers and plants are an important component in this interior. Especially Tillandsias and Guzmanias in pink and white suit this style very well. Love is in the air and - with this collection - also in the home.

Classic Coziness

Imagine yourself in the cosy atmosphere of this classic collection. A subdued, classic lifestyle often identified with by traditional families and the elderly. The atmosphere at home is warm, conventional and cozsy. Warm colours that create a familiar sense of home, stylish classic ceramics and Bromeliads that give this atmosphere a touch of chic. High-quality ceramics, pottery and glass are popular. Bromeliads in warm orange and red tones fit in beautifully with the interior of this classic consumer. Classic Cosiness is stylish and timeless.

Cupcake Colors

An explosion of colours! A colourful, cheerful lifestyle often identified with by young families. Usually, a small budget is spent on interior-related items. Candles, candlesticks, pots, napkins, tablecloths, are changed at times. Every day is different in the life of a Cupcake Colour person. Laugh, dance, jump and enjoy. The bold, cheerful, bright colours of Bromeliads are perfectly suited to the Cupcake pots in this collection. Mix and match, nothing is too way-out!

Stand Tall Be Sweet

Rugged materials, dark colours and a robust industrial look; this is the Urban Industry collection. Common materials being used here are: solid looking concrete, iron, metals, wood and ceramics. Sturdy (dark) red Bromeliads full of structure or volume are a very good match for this industrial style. Urban Industry is for those who love a rough edge. The products in this collection fit in seamlessly with a strong interior. Don't let anything stop you from going for it. 'Go live on the edge.


Bromelia Specialist likes to colour the world with these beautiful Bromeliads. And with smart, sustainable solutions and innovations, we contribute to a green and healthy planet.

Plants need light, CO2, and water to grow. Our growers enjoy working in and with nature to optimise the cultivation process. The choices we make in the short and long term all contribute to a healthy environment - and this is good for people and plants.


We handle things easy

Functie:bromelia specialist
Educatielevel:Lagere school
Salaris:onbekend – onbekend
Uren per week:1 – 40

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